17 Hilarious Tell Tale Signs You’re A Mom

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Being a mom certainly changes you as a woman. Obviously it’s a wonderful change, but there are certain things that you probably didn’t anticipate. Sometimes they can be frustrating as you learn how to deal with your new life, sometimes they can be funny, and sometimes they can be absolutely amazing. One things for sure though, these changes are things that only happen to moms and they definitely make you realize that you are no longer a child free woman, but a MOM. Here are 17 hilarious tell tale signs that you’re a mom.


1. Super Hearing

You definitely know you’re a mom when someone could be lighting fireworks off outside your bedroom window and it wouldn’t wake you up, but the tiniest sound of a whimper, cry, cough, or sniffle will make you jump out of bed. Who needs a monitor to hear these noises when you have mom super hearing?


2. You Find Yourself Lying All The Time

We all know that lying is wrong, but for some reason when you have kids suddenly lying to your children is okay. “I’m sorry, we can’t go to the playground because it’s closed right now,” “Wow, your singing is so incredible, you sound just like Beyonce,” “If you don’t brush your hair it will all fall out and you’ll be able forever,” are just some of the things you may tell your kids in order to get out of doing something or to get them to do something. Should we lie to our kids? Probably not, but man it sure does make things easier on us as moms.


3. You Can’t Go To The Bathroom Alone

The days of going in the bathroom and being able to do your business by yourself are long gone once you become a mom. You can never go anywhere without your child following you and bothering you for something. It’s certainly hard to get any kind of piece and quiet once you have a child.

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