9 Festive Fourth Of July Banners

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patriotic banner printable

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

7. Stars And Stripes

Here’s another easy peasy printable for you! I love that they’ve used a non traditional blue instead of the deeper, more navy blue you usually see on patriotic decor. It brightens the banner up and makes it look more cheery. And the best part is all you have to do is print, cut, then hang.

If you love crafts and DIY projects, you certainly want to check out I Should Be Mopping The Floor.


Source: hatterandhareevents.blogspot.com

8. Fun Bandanas

Bandanas are one of those iconic American pieces that you see so many cowboys use and wear, which make the perfect Fourth of July craft. You can use fabric that resembles bandanas, actual bandanas, or paper that looks like bandanas, so you certainly have plenty of options, which is always nice when it comes to crafting.

There are lots of other great party and holiday decor ideas over at Life In Wonderland.


Source: pagingsupermom.com

9. Double Festive Banner

This banner has a little bit of everything, which makes it perfect for the 4th of July. There’s stars, stripes, USA, red, white, and blue. It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that. I love that this is a double banner because you don’t see that very often. Most often you see a single banner hanging by itself, but this one looks great doubled up together. I’ll definitely be making this one for my home.

You’ll find lots of other great printables over at Paging Supermom, as well as fun crafts, activities for the kids, and holiday/party inspiration.

Festive Fourth Of July Banners

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