Our children’s teachers sacrifice a ton to educate and mentor our children. They give up precious time, spend their own money, and emotionally invest in our children in ways that we probably don’t even realize. When I get the opportunity, I really enjoy showering my daughter’s teachers with gifts of appreciation. There are really fun ways to incorporate the holidays into any teacher gift, even Halloween! I’ve found some super cute, and more importantly inexpensive, ways to give your kids’ teachers some spooktacular gifts this Halloween.

Halloween teacher gifts

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11. Special Treats WIth Spooktacular Gift Tags

Gifts for teachers should come from the heart, and that means they don’t have to be over the top or difficult to make. I truly love these printable tags made just for teachers. Whip up a batch of your teacher’s favorite sweet treats, pop in a box or bag and add this tag to make it festively perfect!

BloomDesignsOnline.com has this design and two more for FREE!

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: SeeVanessaCraft.com

2.Smell My Feet Pedicure Kit

We all need a little pampering now and then, and that’s especially true for our hardworking teachers who spend all day on their feet helping our kiddos. This adorable “Smell My Feet” (get it, Trick or Treat, smell my feet…”) is the perfect way to bless your teachers. You can usually find complete pedicure sets at your local dollar tree, cheap nail polish almost anywhere, and pint-sized mason jars at craft stores for super cheap (especially with a coupon!). Oh, and that adorable tag to go with it? It’s available for FREE from SeeVanessaCraft.com!

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: OhMy-Creative.com

3. Wine Is Divine!

It’s no secret many teachers like to unwind after a hard school day with a glass of their favorite vino! Why not dress up a bottle of their fav with this cute “Candy is Dandy but Wine Is Divine” tag. The tag is free (are we seeing a pattern here?) and this gift only costs as much as the bottle of wine you’re attaching it too.

Snag a few of these free tags at OhMy-Creative.com. While you’re there, why not print out a few extra for your girlfriends?

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: TheIdeaRoom.net

4. Something Sweet Candy Jar

Candy is a popular and completely acceptable teacher gift. And one that every person likes to indulge in from time to time. Instead of just handing over a bag of ordinary candy, why not toss into a cute jar, attach some plastic vampire teeth and this super fun printable? I think any teacher would appreciate the extra touch that comes with this cute tag, not to mention the sugar rush during a tiring afternoon teaching.

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: Eighteen25.com

5. Halloween Soaps

Whether it’s for the classroom or their own home, teachers can’t get enough hand soap! Keep the germs at bay by gifting them during the Halloween season, and making them with these adorable and bootiful (see what I did there?) tags.

Visit Eighteen25.com to get these free and downloaded tags, then start saying BOO to those germs.

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: TheEagerTeacher.com

6. Halloween Survival Kit

Sometimes it’s not about giving a gift that’s all about Halloween, but merely a chance to bless a teacher during that time of year. This survival kit is spot on. It’s packed with your teacher’s favorites, like coffee, apples, energy or health bars and maybe a little candy or two. Pack in a Halloween friendly container and it’s perfectly seasonally appropriate.

The TheEagerTeacher.com knows all about great gifts for teachers! Head over to get more great ideas.

Halloween teacher gifts

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7. Halloween Tumbler

Keep your teachers hydrated with the gift of a simple tumbler. Whether they enjoy for their morning juice or coffee, or just to keep filled with water, almost anyone can use an extra tumbler. You can buy inexpensive tumblers and craft them yourself, or just take the easy route and buy one of these from Etsy!

Halloween teacher gifts

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

8. Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Homemade sugar scrub is so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been making it for yourself once you try this recipe. All it takes is a basic recipe, some food coloring and then some strategic and careful layering to get that iconic candy corn look. Why not gift with a little extra candy on the side?

Check out KidsActivitiesBlog.com to get this recipe and the simple how-to.


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Halloween teacher gifts

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