Doing an official maternity shoot is an awesome way to celebrate and commemorate your pregnancy with your closest family and friends. From beautiful nature-based shoots to intimate home visit photos, the possibilities for wholly original or traditional concepts are just about endless. Whether you’re commemorating your first or fourth pregnancy, taking part in a maternity shoot is always such a fun experience.

Like most other photoshoots, preparing for a maternity shoot can be a little nerve-wracking. It can be difficult to find the perfect photographer, decide on things like poses and themes, and especially remember everything you should bring along with you. While it definitely isn’t necessary to bring along your entire closet or transport your baby’s nursery to the studio with you, there are a few things that you shouldn’t be without, and here they are.


1. A Few Changes of Clothes

You may want to switch things up once (or a few times) during the duration of your shoot so it is important to bring a few of your favorite outfits to change into. If you plan on showing off your baby belly at any point during the shoot, remember to wear and bring clothes that are loose, flowy, and free of any tight elastic or buttons to prevent any unsightly marks on your skin.



2. Manicured Hands

Your hands will play a large part in your maternity shoot, whether they’re resting on your belly or holding up props, so it is important that they are in tip-top shape. Before your maternity shoot, it may be beneficial to splurge on a manicure alongside your hair appointment and makeup. Depending on the vibe of your shoot, you can choose to go as subtle or as cool with your nails as you want.


3. Props

Having options is important when it comes to maternity shoots, even if you don’t think you will need them initially, bring a few props along with you. Some cute little blocks, a pair of baby shoes, or even something big like a bassinet will do just fine. Your photographer may have a few props on hand with them but it’s always better to have your own little personal touches to add to your shoot.


4. Tons of Confidence

Alongside your props, clothes, and well-styled hair, bring tons of self-confidence to your maternity shoot as well. Show up fully aware of just how beautiful you are and exude that confidence throughout your shoot. This sense of self-satisfaction and happiness will definitely shine through in the photos that you take, making them turn out even more beautiful.


5. Your Family

Make your maternity shoot a family event! Even if you plan on taking the majority of your pictures solo, it will still be very fun to include your other children in a few adorable photos and if you and your husband are first time parents, taking a few intimate, baby bump featured photos together is a beautiful way to share your joy with the rest of the world.

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