Hotel Hacks For Families

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Remember when traveling with just you and your spouse was fun, carefree and enjoyable? You’re right, I can barely remember what that’s like either. Because now we have a toddler and pretty much NOTHING is fun, carefree and enjoyable, at least not all at the same time. I still want to give my daughter some great travel experiences, but it’s more overwhelming than exciting. Once I start thinking of all the “accessories” I have to bring in order to make hotel living mimic our home life, I just want to give up. Is there a fridge? How many toys should I bring? Will the hotel crib be a replica of a 1940’s hospital crib and should I just bring our pack n’play? Nonetheless, I don’t want my daughter to suffer the repercussions of my travel fears, so I’ve searched the internet for some awesome hotel hacks! Travel isn’t so scary anymore! Check out our list and get packing!


1. Bring Your Own Pillows

If you are ok with using hotel pillows, at least bring your kids own pillows. Not only will it be comforting since it’s from home, but it also has been washed in your own detergent. You never know what your kids are allergic to until they try something new and being on vacation is not the time to discover your kids are allergic to certain kinds of detergent!

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