5 Ways To Involve Your Children In Your Work-From-Home Business

work-from-home business

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I love being a “work from home mom” (WFHM). I feel blessed to have this opportunity–though I know it’s not for everyone! I love my job, but it’s also hard. I often feel like my work and my kids are in conflict with one another. They are both trying to steal my attention for sometimes equally good reasons. Because I care about both, I have made it my goal to weave the two together. Just as much as I want my kids to see me working, I want them to feel a part of what I do as well! After all, that’s one of the huge benefits of working from home; my coworkers are my kids!

Here are 5 ways to involve your children in your WFH business:

1. Set goals

We all have our reasons for working that extend beyond paying our basic bills. Maybe we want to take a family vacation or pay down debt. But our kids have goals too! Ask them what they want and help them “work” for it. Do they want a trip to Disney World? Maybe they want a week of summer camp! Whatever it may be, discuss the entire family’s goals and include them in each decision. Then pay them a small commission for their assistance in your business.

2. Brainstorm

Do you sell products? Your kids can help you brainstorm ideas or names for new products. Do you provide services? Depending on the age of your children, they can help you brainstorm marketing methods. Two heads are better than one, so the more ideas you have, the more you can build on each one! Your kids are creative and resourceful and haven’t developed that self-sabotaging voice that tells adults our ideas aren’t good enough. Kids are a valuable part of the team!

3. Chores

One of the pros of working outside the home is that children are usually in daycare and unable to wreck the house with their endless messes. When working moms come home, they walk into a house that was left the same way as when they walked out that morning. But when you work from home, your kids are tearing up your home left and right. You may be the manager and housekeeper of the home, but your kids can help! Give them a list of age-appropriate chores so that they can take part in working as well. That way, at the end of a long day, you aren’t left alone with a never ending chore list!

A Chore List With Age Appropriate Jobs For Your Kids

4. Assist with running errands.

You probably find yourself running to purchase supplies or going to the post office to deliver products to customers on a weekly basis. Your kids will love taking part in these errands! Tell them what to “shop” for and let them help you find everything on your list! For the younger kids, they will LOVE helping you drop packages into the post office drop-off! Explain to them how your business is run and the importance of them assisting you with your business errands.

5. Work side-by-side

One of the best gifts my children ever received was a toy laptop. They enjoy pulling it out and setting it next to mine to pretend they are working too! My daughter has also learned to write a few letters and gets out her notebook and pen to “work like mommy.” Whatever it looks like for you to work from home, provide child-friendly ways to involve your kids working side-by-side.

Remember, when kids are given a way to take ownership, they are much more supportive and accommodating. Soon you will view your WFHM status in a fun and positive light!

Tell us in the comments, how do YOU involve your children in your work from home business? 

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work-from-home business

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