These Mocktails Are The Perfect Way To Unwind After A Long Day

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When I think of a hard day…there is one that sticks out among the others:

After waking up my kids one morning, I noticed a smell coming from the bathroom. I ran in and immediately stepped in puddles of water all over the floor. In front of me was a toilet overflowing with an entire role of shredded toilet paper. My daughter claims she was making punch.

While I was cleaning up mess number one…mess number two was in the works — it involved honey.

I came downstairs feeling accomplished that my bathroom was cleaner than it had ever been before. Then I looked at my couch and noticed it had a shine that I didn’t remember seeing before, so I walked up closer to touch the cushions. Yes, you guessed it, the couch was covered in honey.

While I was cleaning up the couch — which was much harder than the bathroom (honey is awful) — my kids moved onto mess number three.

This mess involved toothpaste. But not just any toothpaste…WHITENING toothpaste that strips the color from anything it touches — and it touched the carpets, beds, clothes, and more.

So after the third mess, and watching my “to-do” list grow and grow, I was looking forward to the end of the night when I could relax on the porch swing with a drink in hand! I would mindlessly scroll through Amazon looking for throw blankets and rugs to cover up the remainder of the stains in my home that I couldn’t successfully remove.

I’m not pregnant, but I’ve taken a liking to Ocean Spray® Mocktails in the evenings! These drinks taste so good and don’t leave you with a drowsy headache in the morning!

Lucky for us (pregnant or not) thanks to Ocean Spray®, we can transform any moment into a relaxing escape or social celebration with just 90 calories, and naturally sweetened Mocktails — the “Taste That Takes You Away!” And after a day like that, I needed to be taken away!

For those who are pregnant, one of the hardest adjustments (besides the fact you’re growing a human inside of you and you’re terribly uncomfortable) is the fact that you can’t treat yourself to a glass of wine or cocktail at the end of a day full of toilet paper, honey, and toothpaste.

Pregnant women need to relax or have some fun and Ocean Spray® has given us a delicious mocktail option!

Ocean Spray® Mocktails are a premium non-alcoholic juice drink inspired by your favorite cocktails. They’ve created a sophisticated line of beverages that are perfect to enjoy straight from the bottle or mixed with sparkling water. (Non-pregnant mamas can enjoy these mixed with wine or liquor as well). Ocean Spray® Mocktails are made with real fruit juice and no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup *win-win*

Another one of my favorite things about this beverage is the fact that they are only 90-calories per serving! Cheers to a no-guilt drink at the end of the night! When you’re putting on baby weight, the last thing you want to do is drink your extra calories. You would much rather chow down on your favorite meal or indulge your sweet tooth if you’re going to consume extra calories! Just pair that special meal with a mocktail!

Ocean Spray® Mocktails are vibrant, delicious drinks that are appropriate for the special occasion or the everyday drink of choice. Sip on a mocktail while soaking up encouragement from other mamas or to celebrate a night out with friends! Trust me, you can always find an excuse for an enjoyable beverage. For me personally, this means sitting on my porch in this muggy and hot summer and enjoying as many cold beverages as possible. You can bet Mocktails are put of the lineup!

Here are the three great flavors:

Tropical Citrus Paradise | Cranberry Peach Bellini | Cranberry Sangria |

**This post was sponsored by Ocean Spray®**



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