Simple And Festive Halloween Wreath Tutorial

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I have a special love for wreaths. I think they are so fun to make and also look so beautiful displayed in your home or on your front door. My favorite kind of wreaths are those decorated for holidays. Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays, and as I was going through our Halloween decorations last week I was surprised to learn that I don’t have a Halloween wreath. I knew immediately that I had to make one. I had a “BOO” sign that I never even used in my decor last year so I decided to put that on my wreath. That’s where my inspiration came from, then I searched the internet for other ideas. This is what that all turned into:


I love how simple it is, but also how colorful, and fun it is at the same time!

If you want to make this wreath, here are the supplies you’ll need to make one for your home:

-Foam wreath form (mine is 16″)

-Black and white striped ribbon (I used 2 rolls of 1.5 inches x 4 yards)

-Orange bow or ribbon to make a bow

-“Boo” sign or letters to spell out the word “boo”

-Green pom poms (I put these on last minute, so that’s why they’re not in my supplies photo)

-Hot glue gun



The very first step is to wrap the black and white striped ribbon around the wreath. In order to do this you’ll glue the beginning of the ribbon onto the foam wreath.

Once the glue is dry, start wrapping the ribbon around the foam. Overlap the ribbon by a little bit as you go around so the foam gets completely covered. With the size ribbon and foam I used I had JUST enough ribbon to cover the entire wreath. Plan accordingly for the size of your supplies to ensure you don’t run out of anything.


When the foam is all wrapped in ribbon, cut and glue the ribbon at the starting point.


Once the foam was covered, I glued on the “BOO” sign. I simply put some glue on the back of the sign and pressed it down onto the wreath. Simple as that. I did make sure it was level, though, so pay attention to how it looks when you’re gluing it. If you don’t have a sign, but individual letters, you’ll have to glue each one on separately.


Next, you’ll want to make the orange bow. I actually found this plastic orange glitter bow at the Dollar Tree and figured it would look really cute on my wreath, so I decided to use it instead of making my own bow out of ribbon. All I had to do was put some hot glue directly in the middle above the “Boo” sign, then press the ribbon down on it. If you can’t find a pre-made bow, you can easily tie your own bow with orange ribbon.



Once I did all that, I thought it still looked a little empty. I felt like it still needed a little something, so I looked through my craft supplies to see what I had.


I found some bright green pom poms and figured those would go perfectly with the Halloween color scheme. I decided to glue them on the sides. All I had to do was put some glue on the pom pom, then press it down on the wreath.



Now all that’s left to do is hang the wreath on your front door and enjoy! Crafting doesn’t get much more simple than something like this.



Sharing is caring!

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