This Mom Was Ridiculed For Wearing A Bikini. Her Response Is Inspiring

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Unfortunately our society today has an extremely unreasonable expectation for how women should look. Because of the media and entertainment women are expected to be incredibly fit, have the perfect skin, perfect hair, beautiful makeup, and be the perfect size. Unless you have all the money in the world and are able to afford a personal trainer, a chef, and a full time nanny it’s almost impossible for the real woman to look like this. Women feel an insane amount of pressure every day to look this way and are often times ridiculed and made fun of if they don’t look like this. Magazine covers, movie posters, celebrity social media are all inundated with images of what the perfect woman should look like.

A 33-year-old mother, Tanis, experienced this firsthand when she went to the beach and wore a bikini for the first time in 13 years. After having 5 children her body was certainly not perfect, but definitely real. It has scars from bearing 5 babies and she couldn’t be more proud of her body. Unfortunately, she was ridiculed when she showed off these scars at the beach by 3 people who called her nasty names. Her response to these horrible bullies has gained an enormous amount of attention and support. See what she decided to do and how she’s influencing other women.

This woman’s confidence is an inspiration to all women in the world. We are all beautiful no matter our size or the condition of our skin. It’s about time we all start being more accepting of others and stop putting others down.

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Mary Mulroney

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