Turn That Frown Upside Down: Meet 11 Down Syndrome Babies Who Will Make You Smile!

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source: Weaving a New Life via Gillian Marchenko

7. Fostered In China

I’ve always said I wanted to have an Asian baby someday. I just think they are so cute! So reading the story of this little boy’s foster family in China really pulled at my heartstrings. He has a caregiver in China who watches him now (the family had to go back to the US), but I’m sure his foster parents think about him every day.

Get inspired by their journey over on Gillian Marchenko’s website.

source: Joey + Rory/Facebook

8. Indiana Feek

Anyone who follows Rory Feek’s posts on the Joey + Rory pages knows about the couple’s daughter, Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome. Sadly, her mother (Joey from the country duo) lost her battle with cervical cancer in March, but Rory continues to share tidbits of their life. And let me tell you, little Indiana (Indy) is always smiling! That girl is an inspiration to me for sure!

Tag along for Rory and Indy’s journey by checking out the Joey + Rory Facebook page.

source: Everything And Nothing From Essex

9. God’s Gifts

After hearing about a couple who sued for the “wrongful birth” of their daughter born with Down Syndrome, another mom, also with a Down Syndrome child, had something to say to that couple. And it wasn’t words of agreement. In fact, this mom made it clear that both children are gifts from God, and that their disabilities are no more difficult than people with other circumstances to overcome.

Read this mom’s praise for her daughter over on Everything And Nothing From Essex.

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