Turn That Frown Upside Down: Meet 11 Down Syndrome Babies Who Will Make You Smile!

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There are two words in the parenting world that many fear hearing: Down Syndrome. These two words have become a death sentence for many unborn babies who are diagnosed with the genetic disorder, and whose mothers choose not to continue their pregnancy. In honor of October being Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I want to talk about those two dreaded words in a positive light. Because as far as I’m concerned, babies with Down Syndrome are just as special as babies without it. Neither of my children have Down Syndrome, but I’ve always held a special place in my heart for children who are living with the disorder.

Children with Down Syndrome are born with an extra 21 chromosome, causing them to experience intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. But the way I see it, these babies’ extra chromosome makes them extra cute! Just take a look at these adorable faces and tell me you’re not swooning! Also, check out the new A & E show, Born This Way, which follows seven young adults living with Down Syndrome as they pursue their dreams and explore life with friends.

source: Kids With Down Syndrome/Facebook

1. Thick Thighs

Oh my, look at those chubby thighs! I absolutely love the tank top, and those fringe sandals are adorable too. This beauty does have pretty eyes, and her great smile puts a smile on my face!

Head over to the Kids With Down Syndrome Facebook page to see more cute photos and to learn more about the organization.

source: Down Syndrome Ireland

2. Mini Picasso

This little guy looks like he’s having a blast making his mark with some paint. Glad I don’t have to clean that mess up! The expression on his face is priceless! You know what else is priceless? Him.

Stop by Down Syndrome Ireland to learn more about the challenges that Down Syndrome babies have with speech development.

source: Courtney Williams Baker/Facebook

3. Joyful Life

The story of this sweet girl really makes me proud of her mama, Courtney. When she received news at her 12-week ultrasound that her baby would be born with Down Syndrome, her doctor encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy. Courtney refused, and later penned a letter to the doctor, telling him how much joy her little Emersyn (Emmy) has brought to her life. If I got to look at that cute face every day, I’d be full of joy too!

Check out more adorable photos of Emmy, and keep up with her family on Courtney’s Facebook page.

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