When it comes to New Year’s, I often feel like I’m crossing the finish line of the holiday marathon. I don’t have the energy to put in a lot of effort for New Year’s Eve because all my love and passion has just gone into Christmas. And I’m OK with that. But for those of you who love ringing in the new year and love to party like it’s 1999, we’ve found some awesome DIY New Year’s Eve decor that will knock your socks off. From glitter balloons to self-serve champagne bars, this list will keep you and your guests happy and anticipating the new year.

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Source: SistersSuitcaseBlog.com

1. Glitter Balloons

Nothing says party like some amazing balloons, and these glitter balloons will have you rethinking every party from here on out. Simply made by inflating, then painting with modge podge and sprinkling with confetti or glitter, they may be a little messy to create but the effect is dazzling. Glitter on New Year’s is a must!

Check out how easy it is over at SistersSuitcaseBlog.com.

DIY New Year's Eve decor

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2. Go Rose Gold

If you’re into dinner parties, why not pick an entire theme to deck out your decor? This year, Rose Gold is still a main contender when it comes to jewelry and party decor and using a theme is an easy way to bring a cohesive feel to your shindig. Like the party above, you can pair rose gold with other metallics and clear dinnerware easily. A tablescape is a super easy DIY way to incorporate decor that is also functional.

Check out Holidappy.com for 5 more New Year’s Eve party themes, as well as menu ideas!

DIY New Year's Eve decor

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3. DIY New Year’s Eve Champagne Bar

Like a lovely tablescape, a DIY Champagne Bar is another super simple way to incorporate decor and function to your night. Set you night up for ease by preloading with champagne, juices, glasses and other items like fruit and liqueurs. Top with a glittery garland or banner or add some greenery like the cart above and you’ve got some understated yet classy decor.

See more shots of this festive cart at FreutCake.com.

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Source: Etsy via LauraTrevy.com

4. DIY Gold Fringe Garland

Highlight a food table, enhance a photo booth backdrop, or just hang on an otherwise boring wall. One thing’s for sure, this DIY Gold Fringe Garland is a show stopper. Made with several colors of crepe paper, the hard work is just a manner of sitting down to make the hundreds of cuts with a simple pair of scissors. Maybe pop on your favorite series on Netflix, grab a glass of champagne (this IS for New Year’s after all) and get DIYing!

If you don’t feel like making your own, you can purchase these at Etsy.

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Source: eHow.com

5. Light Up Wine Bottles

After the holidays, it’s no surprise that you probably have a ton of empty wine bottles lying around (not judging). Instead of recycling right away, why not use for some brilliant New Year’s eve decor? Strap on some goggles and get your husband (or you, if you’re comfortable with drilling into glass- I’m not!) to drill a hole into your bottles. Insert some string Christmas lights and enjoy watching the ball drop with these super cool ambient lights.

Visit eHow.com for the full tutorial!

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Source: ABeautifulMess.com

6. Sequin Letter Garland

If you don’t have a festive, metallic garland lying around already, now’s the perfect time to make one! I mean, how many other times during the year can you justify sequins? Speaking of sequins, you do NOT have to glue millions of tiny pieces to make this fabulous garland. Simple buy stretch sequin gold trim at your local craft or fabric store, cut out cardboard letters to make your phrase and GLUE. I can think of fewer more fabulous banners, can you?

See the process from start to finish at ABeautifulMess.com.

DIY New Year's Eve decor

Source: Blog.wantsandwishesdesign.com

7. Balloon False Ceiling

Like we’ve established already, balloons are a must at any true party. And why not have so many, you can create a false ceiling? Snag balloons in the colors to match your party, and blow them up. No helium is required on this DIY! Once you’re done inflating, string them together with ribbon and then string across the room, adding in hanging curling ribbon here and there. Voila!

Check out more info on getting this look and even how to make your own confetti at Blog.wantsandwishesdesign.com.


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DIY New Year's Eve decor

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