11 Of The Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas

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I’m sure you’ve seen the popular Elf on the Shelf over the past few years. Many people post pictures on social media of what their elf did that night while everyone was sleeping. It has become increasingly popular and it’s fun to see everyone’s different creative ideas. If you’ve ever done the Elf on the Shelf with your family you know how tiring and stressful it can be to figure out new, fun ideas for each night up until Christmas. If you’re out of ideas, and need some fresh ones, check out these 11 awesome and wonderful Elf on the Shelf ideas that are guaranteed to make your kids giggle and laugh.


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1. Namaste

Everyone can use a little relaxation and meditation in their lives, even the Elf on the Shelf. He’s pretty busy all Christmas season long, so he’s certainly going to need to stretch and relax. This idea is especially perfect if your kids are familiar with yoga because they’ve seen your or your spouse do it before.

(If you’re looking for other hilarious ideas for your Elf On The Shelf, check out The Leggy Files, a blog dedicated to Elf On The Shelf).


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2. Date Night

While the Elf on the Shelf is visiting he’s going to need some other toys to spend some time with. Let him get extra cozy with some of your kid’s dolls or barbies. Set up a little date night for them like they’re at the drive in movies. Make sure the Elf is putting the moves on the doll by putting his arm around her shoulders. This one is sure to get your kids blushing.

(Head over to Lil Blue Boo for craft and DIY tutorials, home decor ideas, and more).

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3. Snowball Fight

The Elf on the Shelf is bound to make some other friends as well, and will probably end up having a friendly snowball fight. Who doesn’t love a little playful snowball fight between friends? It would be really fun to use your child’s favorite toy to make it extra special.

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