When it comes to dessert, you are usually a cake or pie person. Sure, you can enjoy them both but you probably prefer one over the other and for me, it’s pie all the way. Now that I think about it, that’s probably a huge part of why I love the holidays, because c’mon- the food. Anyways, pies are wonderful but they are a lot of work when it comes to making your own and they don’t feed that many people. That’s where the slab pie comes in! They are easier and much larger versions of your favorite pies that feed 10+ people, with minimal work. Here are just a handful of slab pies that I think you’ll know and love. Bon appétit!

slab pies

Source: GarnishWithLemon.com

1. Cranberry Cherry Slab Pie

Goodbye stressful pie making, hello slab pie! This Cranberry Cherry slab pie has all the taste and look of a traditional pie that you’ve spent hours slaving over, but with half the sweat and tears. It’s a semi-sweet dessert that’s perfect for the holidays, serves twice what 1 pie typically feeds, and is oh so gorgeous. Oh, did we mention you can just use store bought crust too? WINNER!

Snag this entire recipe at GarnishWithLemon.com.

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Source: ASpicyPerspective.com

2.  Secret Ingredient Pumpkin Slab Pie

This recipe has TWO secret ingredients, one of which you may never have heard of (I know I didn’t!). I won’t tell you what it is, but there’s no denying this pumpkin slab pie looks seriously divine. Thick layers of pumpkin, buttery crust and that super clever crusted pumpkin on top? Sign me up for this recipe, please!

If you want to know the secret ingredients, check out ASpicyPerspective.com.

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Source: HomemadeInterest.com

3. Pecan Slab Pie

HELLO GORGEOUS! Have you ever seen something so beautiful as this crusted pecan slab pie? From the glazed pecans, to the browned crust and those adorable crusted leaves- this pecan pie is a winner in every way. Made with a suprinslgy simple list of ingredients (with pecans playing center stage, of course), this slab pie feeds twice the normal pie amount and is probably the prettiest pie you’ll never make.

Grab this family recipe at HomemadeInterest.com.

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Source: CookingForKeeps.com

4. Chocolate Silk Slab Pie

We always have a chocolate silk pie at our holiday dinner table, because there’s always someone who doesn’t like pumpkin (yeah, I don’t get it either!). This creamy, chocolatey pie is beloved and really satisfies your sweet tooth. A blind baked crust is filled with homemade chocolate filling- both of which use an insane (but tasty) amount of butter and sugar. If you aren’t watching your calories, this slab pie is fair game.

Visit CookingForKeeps.com to get this slab pie recipe, and find others too!

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Source: MissInTheKitchen.com

5. Strawberry Slab Pie

Come summer time, you can bet this pie is being consumed faster than you can make it! A homemade shortbread crust is baked, topped with freshly cut strawberries, and then covered in a filling that involves Sprite and strawberry Jell-O. Can you say SUMMER? This would be a great dessert to bring to a BBQ, especially served with some whipped topping.

See how easy this recipe is at MissInTheKitchen.com.

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Source: Pillsbury.com

6. Snickers Slab Pie

Summer or winter, this Snickers slab pie is perfect year round. Let’s just start by saying you’ll need 6 (SIX) Snickers bar to get this recipe going. Add in some peanut butter, caramel topping, chocolate syrup and store bought pie crusts, and while you definitely don’t have a healthy dessert, you surely have a delicious one.

Check out more tasty desserts at Pillsbury.com.

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Source: HowSweetEats.com

7. Cinnamon Blueberry Slab Pie

Homemade dough, crisp and naturally sweet blueberries and the unlikely companion found in cinnamon make this a truly heavenly dish. Perfect for BBQ’s or just enjoying at a family dinner, I can see this tasting even better with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, while the pie underneath is served hot from the oven.

View more photos of this beautiful dessert and get the recipe too, from HowSweetEats.com.


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