10 Celebrities & Their Adorable Baby Twins!

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Children are naturally adorable in their own right. An awesome combination of you and your partner, maybe your little one has daddy’s nose and mommy’s eyes. Wait, does that baby look just like Jennifer Lawrence? Recently, the internet has blown up with some of the cutest baby photos we’ve ever seen, and of course, their celebrity doppelgangers. Sometimes, our little ones end up looking like the spitting image of our favorite Hollywood icons. For instance, this baby looks just like Jay-Z, and this cutie pie is crooner John Legend’s baby twin! So, we’ve compiled some of the best baby photos and their A-list twins!


#1 – Anderson Cooper

From the sweet side-swept hairstyle, to the blue eyes, right down to those cute little ears! This kid totally looks like CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. Looks like mom and dad realized it to, dressing him up as the anchor for Halloween!

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