10 Essential Oils Every Mom Needs

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4. Lemon

Lemon is energizing, an amazing cleaner for floors, laundry, counters, stubborn sticky residue, and mirrors. It helps with allergies, coughs, provides sore throat relief, digestive help and detox support. You can use as a fruit and vegetable wash and also as a bug repellent.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint aids tummy trouble, allergies, headaches and motion sickness. It’s a fever reducer, opens airways to breathe and cools itching. As if that wasn’t enough, it can be used as a spider prevention, cleaner, stimulate and energizes, and helps with studying,  Warning: this is a hot oil, so dilute well with a carrier oil!

6. Fennel

Fennel increases lactation, relieves PMS and reduces swelling. It provides digestive help, alleviates chronic coughs, increases urination, and helps with diarrhea.

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