10 Essential Oils Every Mom Needs

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7. Basil

Basil helps increase lactation, relaxes muscles and fights depression. It is great for providing insect sting relief, helps with ear infections, can be used as a decongestant, and helps with gas.

8. Oregano

Oregano is a super strong antibiotic, and combats against any bacterial, viral infection or parasites. It also helps with constipation. Warning: this is a hot oil- dilute with a carrier oil to apply topically!

9. Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile aids in relaxation, helps sleep, and gives tension headache relief. It’s great for skin conditions (dry, chapped or irritated), teething relief, diaper rashes, and relieves stiff joints and tired muscles.

10. Immunity blend

Many oil companies make their own immunity blends (the most popular are OnGuard and Thieves) and they provide excellent daily immune support when applied on bottoms of feet. They also give sore throat relief, purify surfaces (think: bathroom!) or atmosphere by diffusing. Immunity Blends are amazing mold killers, and great to make your own toothpaste or laundry detergent.


Brittany Springle is a happily married mother of an almost three-year old daughter, and she spends her working hours with elementary children as a school counselor. She first began her journey with oils after her daughter was born without her stomach attached to her esophagus. Throughout the journey to now perfect health, there were 14 surgeries, feeding tubes, hours of prayer, medical equipment and constant communication with her health care professionals. Brittany and her husband wanted to seek some natural ways to help their daughter. She started with one oil and then fell in love. Brittany has been educating others on the benefits of essential oils for over two years now. You can learn more about oils from Brittany by visiting her website.

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