10 Heartwarming Handcrafted Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! Shopping for a gift can be extremely daunting at times, and there are only so many man-cave, garage tools and golf gifts out there, it can be really hard to figure out what to get dear old dad. This year, melt his heart with one of these lovingly handcrafted gifts that he will surely treasure for a lifetime!

#1 – Daddy Can Fix Anything

Daddy’s really can fix everything! From broken toys to broken hearts, dad always knows just what to do! This quick craft comes straight from your little one’s heart, and will truly warm dad’s.

Source: Pink and Green Mama

#2 – A Thousand Words

Just as the age-old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sometimes, just a small and simple gesture, like a photograph, can make someone’s whole day. Get creative and have a “Father’s Day” photo-shoot and take some snapshots with the kids and their dad, blow it up to a larger size, grab a frame, and you have a beautifully simple gift.

Source: Welke

#3 – Walk In Your Shoes

Grandpa’s and dad’s alike will treasure this beautiful keepsake. All you need is some paint and paper, plus the kids will love it too! Have the kids dip their feet in the paint, and put their footprint on the paper. Write a sweet message about filling daddy’s shoes, or walking alongside him. Cue the hugs.

Source: JDaniels4Mom

#4 – Dad-Libs

This project would be great for the younger ones to do! Help them fill out this cute mad-lib type questionnaire all about their daddy. Afterwards, you could put it in a frame for dad to hang in his office!

Source: Northern Cheapskate

#5 – Candy Card

This is such a fun idea for those dad’s who have a sweet tooth! Put together a “card,” really a giant poster-board, fill it with his favorite candies and sweet treats, and write a letter to him with the candy being the words thrown in here and there!

Source: Pinterest

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