10 Hilarious Graphic Tees Every Woman Needs

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Graphic tees are becoming more and more popular these days.  You see them on everyone from a baby, to a teenager, to a middle aged man.  They’re clever, make us laugh, and work perfectly for those days that you just don’t really care what you wear.  I know when I don’t feel like getting dressed, a graphic tee is my go-to option because they’re comfy and better than just a plain t-shirt. These 10 graphic tees are not only funny, but perfectly describe how us women feel and function from day to day.


Source: thuglifeshirts.com

1. Hot Mess

Let’s be honest, as busy women we all have those crazy days where we feel like a hot mess.  Cleaning that needs to be done, diapers to change, food to cook, work to finish.  Having to do all that pretty much leaves no time for getting dressed or doing our hair, so often times we end up looking like a hot mess.  With this graphic tee no need to be ashamed of the hot mess day, just bring it on and embrace it!

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