10 Holiday Activities For The Whole Family

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The holidays are about friends and family. It’s a time to really soak in those special moments the hustle and bustle of daily life can easily steal away. This holiday season, why not involve the whole family in some fun activities that are sure to make some great memories?

1. Have a White Elephant Gift Exchange

A White Elephant gift exchange is a great idea to do with your own children or even as an extended family. This oddly named exchange puts a fun spin on Secret Santa where everyone can compete for the best gifts.

One person starts by opening a gift and the next person can choose to open a gift or steal the gift from another person. If your gift is stolen, you can open a new gift or steal another one. Of course, there are rules, so be sure to let everyone know how the game works.

2. Paint the Snow

Painting the snow is a fun way to make the most out of the cold weather. Snow paint is easy to make and can be assembled in just a few minutes with some water and food dye. You can use paint brushes and cups or put the paint in spray bottles for a fun afternoon activity.

3. Make New Traditions

Observing traditions that have been in your family for generations is a great way to feel connected and keep old stories alive. In addition to your usual traditions, why not create a new tradition that the generations following yours can keep alive?

There are no rules surrounding creating your own traditions, so just think about what your family enjoys. You could start something as simple as on December 15th, everyone goes and sees Christmas lights and then meets up afterwards for some hot cocoa and talking about what they are looking forward to this Christmas.

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