15 New & Improved Date Night Ideas for the New Year

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date night ideas7. Surprise Date Night

Put some creativity to use and trade off planning secret date nights with your spouse. One person does all the planning and doesn’t share a word until the date night begins. Then it’s the other person’s turn next time! This is a great way to show your partner you really care, by taking their interests into consideration as you plan a night they will thoroughly enjoy.


8. Murder Mystery Dinner

Don’t just go to dinner on your date, head to a Murder Mystery Dinner! This will keep both you and your spouse on their toes and probably be the most memorable dinner ever. You can get dressed up fancy, or even in the era your mystery dinner is set in. Visit GrimProv.com to find a list of places near your area that host dinners.

date night ideas9. Apple Picking

Nothing says fall and romance like being outside, feeling the crunch of leaves under your feet and hot apple cider. Apple picking is a great date activity for many reasons, but one big one is that it’s a day date. If you have trouble leaving your kids with sitters at night because they won’t go to bed, this is a great alternative. Now, I know it’s tempting to bring the entire family, but resist! You can always take the family back another time. Use this time for some much needed romantic rejuvenation.

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