15 New & Improved Date Night Ideas for the New Year

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date night ideas
10. Beer or Wine Tasting

Microbreweries and small wineries are all the rage right now, and you probably have a tasting room somewhere close by. Eat a light dinner or lunch and head over for a relaxing session of trying new beers or wine. The great thing about sampling flights is that they are priced just right, you can try something new and the quantities are small enough that you should be able to safely drive home!


11. Drive-In Movie

Wow, remember piling in to the back of the station wagon and heading to the drive-in? What used to be considered a family Saturday night has become more of a nostalgic activity that is hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that still has a drive-in movie theater, embrace it! They are a dying breed, but no less romantic and fun. Even if you don’t have a regular drive-in nearby, cities often host traveling drive-ins. Check your hometown news!

12. Progressive Dinner

Instead of sitting down and spending your entire night in 1 boring restaurant, make it progressive style! Get appetizers in 1 restaurant, move on to dinner at another, and then dessert at a third. This date requires some careful planning, and will probably be a longer one so make sure you have a great babysitter! You don’t have to break the bank by going progressive, just pick places you know you both will enjoy.

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