15 New & Improved Date Night Ideas for the New Year

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13. Food Trucks

Another trend sweeping the nation are food trucks. More than just your average roach coach, food trucks these days are known for bite size gourmet dishes that are served fresh off the truck. Many food trucks use booking services and almost all have Twitter accounts so you can track their location. Food trucks like to congregate together, so if you find a location, chances are there will be half a dozen to choose from. This is a great option if you have a picky spouse who may want to eat off a different truck! Bring a lounge chair or eat out of the trunk of your car for a relaxing night out.


14. Sporting Event

Few things get me as excited as the thought of attending a Dodger game with just my husband. We don’t have to chase around a toddler and don’t have to worry about a foul ball hitting her (only hitting me- which happened last year). We both LOVE the Dodgers and can sit back and take in all the sights and sounds. If you and your partner love sports, then take an afternoon or evening away to just have fun and cheer on your team. Eat as many hotdogs and as much popcorn as you want. It’s only 1 day!


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15. Concert

There’s something so refreshing about gathering in a common place with hundreds (or thousands) of other people and just listening to music. Living in Southern California, I’m blessed to be close to the Hollywood Bowl, where there are concerts practically year round. While my husband and I share a love of classical music, your tastes may be different and that’s ok! Save up to buy tickets to see your favorite country or rock band and enjoy sharing your interests with your partner. If you’re like me, it will probably also bring back lots of memories of your youth and the concerts you attended with your hubby, pre-kiddos.



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15 New & Improved Date Night Ideas for the New Year

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