10 Smart Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Organized

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Organizing is passion for me. At one point, I wanted to become a professional organizer and help messy people learn the art of living a simple and organized life. While that dream still hasn’t born fruit, I still love a neat and tidy home and want my daughter to learn the in’s and out’s of being organized. You may be reading this and thinking that you are the exact opposite and that your kids will have to learn organization from someone else. While it may not seem like it, learning to be organized is a vital skill set that will help your kids through school and into adulthood. They will be able to learn better and function better if they live in an organized home and know how to organize their room and school work. Teaching organization can be simple! Check out our list of ways you and your kids can be on your way to organization in no time.

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1. Start Young

It’s never too early for your children to learn how to pick up after themselves. You are not their maid and they are just as capable of putting things away as they are capable of making a mess. It’s ok to place a limit on how many toys they can “play” with all at once. There’s no need to have every block, lego and book out on the floor all at the same time! You can make putting things away fun by turning it into a speed game or singing songs.

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