With summer quickly approaching I’m sure we’re all trying to drop a few pounds before we have to trot around in our swim suit at the beach and the pools.  If you don’t have time or even the motivation to stick to a strict diet and work out plan, there are some ways to drop some pounds without even noticing that you’re doing anything.  You won’t notice much of a difference in your daily routine, however, you may notice a difference in your pants after a few weeks of doing these things:


1. Drink Water

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of drinking water.  Sometimes, when you get hunger pains it’s actually your body telling you that it’s thirsty, not hungry, so, bottoms up!  Also, drinking a cup of water before you eat any meal will fill you up before you even start eating, and thus you’ll eat less.  If you drink water continually all day long it’ll help keep you full and keep you from wanting to snack so much.  If you don’t like water, or you need a little extra flavor, try flavoring it with natural ingredients like fruit, cucumbers, or mint leaves.

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