When you first get pregnant, it seems like 9 months is FOREVER. Sharing in the love of a new little bundle of joy is exciting and all you can think about is holding that baby in your arms. But before you know it, you have your baby showers behind you and just a big belly in the front, with your due date around the corner. Check out our list of To Do’s that you’ll want to do BEFORE that new baby enters the world.


1. Install a Carseat

Purchasing and installing a carseat is a little more complicated than you may originally think. Be sure to do your research and select a seat that’s not only up to your safety expectations, but also one that will fit properly in your vehicle. Many fire stations offer free checks to make sure your seat in safely installed, and hospitals sometimes offer classes as well. Be sure your seat is in a few weeks before your due date. Many hospitals these days prohibit carrying an infant carrier into the hospital, requiring it to be already installed in your car before they let you take that baby home with you!

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