10 Tips For Fighting That Pesky Cold While Pregnant

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You’re enjoying your pregnancy when all of the sudden you start sneezing and sniffling. Later that night you start to feel achy and a cough has appeared. You’re sick and pregnant. Two of the worst things that could ever go together. You already aren’t feeling 100% because you’re pregnant, but add a cold on top of that and you have a recipe for disaster. Not to mention that since you’re expecting, you can’t really take any medication to help relieve your symptoms or make you feel better. Despite all this, there are some ways to fight your cold that will actually help you feel better without taking any medications. Check out these 10 tips!


1. Enjoy Some Honey

Honey works great for soothing a sore throat, so take a spoonful or add some to your tea. It will coat your throat helping to relieve the pain as well as keeping it from getting dry. The dryer your throat, the more likely you are to cough, therefore irritating your throat even more. If you choose to enjoy it plain, you can’t really complain because I mean come on, honey is delicious. But my favorite way to get a dose of honey while sick is by adding it to some tea. The hot drink combined with the honey really helps soothe my throat. Just be careful what tea you choose to drink as some can be harmful while pregnant.


2. Throat/Cough Drops

If you’re throat is killing you or you have a nasty cough that is making your throat feel even worse, suck on some throat/cough drops as much as you can through out the day. They will help soothe your throat and help reduce the amount of times you cough throughout the day as well, which will help your throat heal.


3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Taking in enough fluids is crucial when you’re sick. It’s imperative that you especially drink a lot of water so that it can help keep the mucus thin and moving so it has an easier time draining. I know that sounds really gross, but it’s true. Just be sure to always have water by your side so you can drink it all day long.

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