10 Travel Hacks For Stress Free Packing & Traveling

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Source: brit.co

7. Place A Shower Cap Around Shoes

Shoes can be really dirty and gross. As a result, we don’t really want them touching everything else in our suitcase like our bras, shirts, and more. A great solution to this problem is to place a shower cap around the bottom of your shoes. This will keep the dirty soles away from the rest of the items in your suitcase. You can find a pack of shower caps at the dollar store so it’s an inexpensive fix to your problem.

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8. Fasten Stud Earrings Onto Buttons

Stud earrings are beautiful, but can easily be lost, especially when traveling. In order to keep your earrings in one place, fasten them onto some buttons. This will not only keep the pair of earrings together, but it will ensure that you won’t lose the earrings either. It’s such a simple solution.

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Source: cosmopolitan.com

9. Cover Liquid Tops With Plastic Wrap

We’ve all had one of our liquid containers explode at some point during traveling. It creates such a mess and wastes so much of the valuable product. In order to keep this from happening, unscrew the cap, place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the bottle, then secure the cap back on. This will prevent the liquid from exploding and getting all over the other items in your suitcase.

(For other beauty and fashion tips, as well as dating and relationship advice, head over to Cosmopolitan).


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10. Put A Dryer Sheet In Your Suitcase

Since you’re combining so many different things into your suitcase from smelly shoes, to socks, shirts, underwear, and more it’s bound to have a little funky smell to it. If you want your luggage and items inside the luggage to stay fresh smelling, put a dryer sheet (or a few) in your suitcase! This will make everything smell nice so that when you arrive at your destination you don’t already feel like you need to do laundry.

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