15 Beautiful & Budget Friendly Decorating Tips

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It’s no secret that making a house a home can be extremely expensive. Buying furniture, decorative accessories, updating old appliances or finishes, can add up quickly. It can get very discouraging and can take years to complete. There are, however, some wonderful decorating tips that are easy on the budget and still look fantastic. They may require a little more work, but in the end these decorating ideas will save you a lot of money. Here are 15 of the best budget friendly decorating tips we could find.


Source: laceandglaze.com

1. Make Your Own Headboard

One accessory that really makes any bedroom look finished and complete is a headboard. Unfortunately, headboards can be really expensive. Instead of buying one, make one yourself! There are so many DIY projects for them on Pinterest and you can actually make them for incredibly cheap, as low as $15-$20. That’s so worth it!

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Source: weddingchicks.com

2. Use Items In Unconventional Ways

When it comes to designing on a budget, keep an open mind. Try to use items in unconventional ways. You can take your old wine bottles, wrap them in yarn or paint them and then use them as beautiful vases. You can also hang pictures on some string from clothing pins instead of putting them in frames. The more outside the box, the better. It’ll make your home look more unique and you’ll be using items you already have, so you won’t be spending additional money.

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Source: yourhomebasedmom.com

3. Paint Old Furniture Bold Colors

If you have a piece of furniture that’s looking a little drab, instead of buying something new and spending lots of money, paint it! You can easily update an old piece of furniture that’s weathered or a strange wood stain and give it a completely new look with a bold, fun color. Instead of painting it black, or brown, try using a color that will stand out more and make your home look more unique and modern.

(Your Homebased Mom is a great website full of ideas for home decorating, delicious recipes, craft ideas and more).

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