10 Ways to Diffuse Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

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We’ve all seen it: that out of control child in the grocery store throwing a temper tantrum because of one reason or another. Before children we probably shook our heads and thought “my child will NEVER do that.” Or maybe we even judged the parents for a minute. But when you have your own toddler, the light bulb goes on and we see that no one is out of reach from the lovely tantrum. Read on to see some great tips on how to diffuse your toddler’s tantrums in a flash. DISCLAIMER – not everyone will agree with every single method so just borrow what you need 🙂


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1. Ignore

Though this may seem like the most difficult response to a temper tantrum, it is one of the most effective. The point of a toddler tantrum is to get your attention and get you to give them what they want. Yes, part of their tantrum is because they are frustrated, but if you ignore the screaming and writhing it will diffuse your child long enough to hopefully calm them down.

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