11 Dinner Ideas That’ll Make Your Child’s Halloween Even Spookier

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Halloween is a really fun time of year where kids get to dress up as something they love, then go out with their friends and family and get endless amounts of candy. There’s not much to do on Halloween other than trick or treat, so why not make your child’s holiday this year even more special by providing them with a Halloween-themed dinner. There are lots of fun and festive foods you can make that have a spooky, Halloween theme that your kids will love. I guarantee they’ll remember it as one of their favorite nights of the year because of the fun spooky dinner you create for them before they head out for the night to trick or treat. Here are 11 ideas for your Halloween dinner that your kids will love.


Source: getcreativejuice.com

1. Mummy Hot Dogs

How adorable are these little mummy hot dogs? They really do look like little mummies and I just know that every kid would love to not only see these on their dinner plate, but would love to eat them too! They’re incredibly simple to make and require very little ingredients. I’m sure your kids will be coming back for more of this spooky dinner.

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2. Meaty Eyeballs

Any food with a red sauce would be perfect for Halloween night since it resembles blood. Kids will love these meatball eyes that are not only cool to look at, but delicious as well. Who doesn’t love some good old spaghetti and meatballs? It’ll surely fill your kids up for the night and hopefully keep them full enough so they won’t eat too much candy! A mom can dream right?

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Source: melskitchencafe.com

3. Breadstick Bones

These breadstick bones would pair perfectly with the previous meatball eyes or any Italian dish you decide to serve on Halloween. They really do look like bones and are simple to make, as well. They may have your kids building a skeleton as they eat dinner, but I guarantee they’ll scarf them down as they do. You can never have too much bread, especially when it looks as cute as these.

(Head over to Mel’s Kitchen Cafe for some incredibly delicious, yet family friendly recipes, as well as handy kitchen tips).

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