12 Things To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

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Packing your diaper bag can be kinda overwhelming as a new mom, especially when venturing out of the house alone with your brand new babe seems a like a feat all by itself. As I get ready for my own little one on the way, I started thinking about all the must have’s I’ll need to start carrying around again. Check out this handy list of some of my personal must haves for your diaper bag.


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1. Diapers

Well, of course this is a must, but I had to include it. I always pack plenty of diapers because in those newborn days you just don’t know how quickly they are going to be blowing through them. I even keep an extra stash in the car for emergencies.

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2. Wipes

This one is a no-brainer too, but not just for wiping little baby butts. These handy things will soon become your best friends. They help clean spit up and other no-so determinable stains off your clothes, mop up spills, wipe down tables and anything else you can possibly use them for. Say hello to your new best friend.

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3. Hand Sanitizer

While I am not particularly a germ freak, I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around. It’s started when my daughter was a newborn and I used it constantly. For me it’s an absolutely must have and I use it practically every time I’m out.

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