12 Things To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

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Source: Covered Goods

4. Nursing Cover

This is totally optional depending on how comfortable you are nursing in public, or if you plan to breastfeed at all. My favorite part about this particular nursing cover is the fact you can use it a ton of different ways. Not only it is lightweight and easy to use for feeding, which you can wear as a scarf in-between. The absolute best part of Covered Goods is they also work as a car seat cover, highchair cover and grocery cart cover! They fold up super small which makes them easy to carry around.


Source: Target

5. Diaper Cream

You never know when your sweet babies tush might get a little sore. That’s why tucking a diaper cream in your bag while your out is always a good idea. There are tons of options in the market right now, so whichever you choice. Definitely add this to your must have list.

Head over to Target.com for more Burt’s Bees baby products.



Source: Walmart

6. Diaper Disposal Bags

These are also a must have for me. There have been so many times when I’m out and haven’t been able to dispose of a dirty diaper immediately and then have to carry it around for awhile before I can throw it away – gross! These handy little bags help eliminate the oder and also don’t make me feel totally disgusting for needing to hold onto a dirty diaper until I can find a trash can.

Pick yourself up some at Walmart.com

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