15 Hilarious Notes From Kids To Their Parents

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While kids can say some pretty off the wall things, they are also prone to scribbling down these random thoughts, too. Kids offer a level of bluntness that usually fades away with age, once they grow to realize that sometimes it’s not the best idea to actually say everything it is that you are thinking. When it comes to kids and handling their tiny emotions, especially towards their parents, sometimes they might think leaving a note is more powerful than the spoken word. And it is, because these 15 hilarious notes from kids to their parents will have you cracking up. Enjoy!

1. Looks like Mom won’t be buying this one again:

ecce55e6fdb8f4a51e0ce1d0db836854Leslie Muhr-clay via Pinterest

2. Luckily this kid wasn’t going to let a little anger come between his true feelings:

410e7979f142a036791c457aa50205b3Kayla Lacoste via Pinterest

3. Well he sure showed them:

00b10cfc8e4cfcbde1d8daca7c6e744bChestena Whittington via Pinterest

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