20 Words Of Affirmation For Your Husband

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It’s no secret that men aren’t as emotional or as in touch with their feelings as women are. As a result, men don’t usually tell their wives what they need from them in order to feel loved, supported, cared for and so on. Just because a man doesn’t know how to express those things, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need them. Men so desperately need their wives to love them, support them, and tell them how much they mean to them. Just like we, as women, love hearing our husbands tell us these things, they too want and need to hear them. Here are 20 words of affirmation for your husband that will make him feel loved, wanted, and needed.


1. Thanks For Fixing That

Sometimes getting our husbands to fix things can be a bit of a battle. I know that my husband just flat out hates fixing things because he doesn’t have the patience for it. However, when they do fix something it’s important to let your husband know that you are really thankful to them for doing so, that way they’ll be more likely to fix other things in the future.


2. I Respect You

Every person in the world wants to feel respected. You may think your husband knows that you respect him, but does he really? How would he know that? Make sure you tell your husband how much you respect them as a person, their ideas, and their beliefs. It’s important for your significant other to feel like the most important person in their life respects them the most.


3. Thanks For Working So Hard

I know I personally struggle with letting my husband know how much I appreciate his hard work. He is the hardest working person I know, but sometimes I forget how hard he works on a day to day basis. As life goes by every day and you take care of your kids, clean, cook dinner, etc., it can be easy to forget what your husband is out doing to ensure you have a roof over your head and clothes on your backs. Make sure you tell him often how much his hard work means to you.

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Mary Mulroney

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