5 Easy Tips For Potty Training Boys

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Has your child reached the age of potty training? If so, you may have conflicted feelings about this. Once they are potty trained it’ll be so nice to say good bye to diapers, however, the process of potty training with cleaning up accident after accident is not something that anyone looks forward to. Whether you are ready or not you’ll have to accept the fact that your little boy is ready to be potty trained. It probably will not be an easy task, but we’ve got 5 great tips that may help make the process go a little smoother for both you and your son.


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1. Wait Until They’re Ready

Even if you are eager and excited to potty train your son, there is no sense in pushing him or making him do something that he is not ready to do. If he’s not ready and you try to make him do it, it may not work and you may both just get frustrated with the whole process. You’ll know when your son is ready to start the potty training process by a few signs that generally occur between 2 and 3 years old. He may ask questions about going potty or the toilet, he may keep their diaper dryer for longer periods, want to wear big boy underwear, or tell you when he’s pooped his diaper. If your child is showing any of these signs, they may be ready to start potty training, so you better get ready, too!

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