5 Fashion Forward Tips On Wearing A Cardigan

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Since the cooler weather is upon us, many of us will be breaking out the cardigans from our closets. Personally, I love wearing cardigans. They can be such a cute addition to an outfit and can really pull a whole look together, especially if you need something to keep you a little warm. While cardigans are great wardrobe pieces, they can be a bit difficult to figure out, as well. There are so many different kinds of cardigans and knowing how to put each one in an outfit can be a little overwhelming. If you struggle with knowing how to wear your cardigan, check out these 5 tips. Once you know these, you’ll be ready to brave fall and winter and you’ll look fabulous in your cardigans.


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1. Pair Bulky Cardigans With Tight Bottoms

I’m sure you’ve seen those big, bulky, thick cardigans in all the retail stores. They’re very popular this season and for good reason. They’re very cute and very warm, however, you’ll want to pair them with the right bottoms before heading out the door. Since they are large and bulky, you’ll want to wear them with tighter fitting clothing on the bottom such as skinny jeans, leggings, or a pencil skirt.  It will keep your outfit balanced and will not make you larger than you really are.


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2. Wear Boyfriend Cardigans With Fitted Bottoms

If you’re not sure what boyfriend cardigans are, they are the long cardigans that go past your waist and sometimes below your bottom. These too can be a little overwhelming since they are more baggy instead of fitted, so you’ll want to pair these with tighter bottoms as well. Wear them with fitted jeans, pencil skirts, or shorts. If you wear them with other baggy items it will look messy and you’ll look like you’re swimming in your clothes.

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3. Pair Waist Length Cardigans With Dresses Or High Waisted Skirts

Cardigans that stop right at your waist do not pair well with longer shirts that will go beyond the cardigan. The contrasting lengths look strange together and aren’t flattering on your body. Instead, wear these types of cardigans with fitted or fit and flare dresses or high waisted pencil skirts. It will create a much more flattering shape and won’t look awkward.

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4. Add A Belt To Create Shape

If you feel like cardigans are just too baggy and shapeless for you, try wearing a belt around them around your natural waist. It will create shape not only to the cardigan, but to your body as well. It’ll make you look slimmer and it adds a nice detail to your whole look. The best way to pair belts with cardigans is to choose thinner belts instead of thick, bulky ones as they will be too much for the cardigan and look strange.


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5. Leave Your Cardigan Unbuttoned

Cardigans are meant to be worn over clothes to keep you warm. Even though a lot of cardigans have buttons on them, don’t button them! I know that may seem weird, but if you have ever tried wearing a cardigan buttoned or have seen someone else do it, you know exactly why. The buttons usually end up pulling in weird places and it looks like it doesn’t fit you. Use cardigans as an accessory piece to your outfit and not your main shirt or top. If you feel like you need to create more shape to it, then belt it, don’t button it.

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