5 Flexible Jobs Perfect For Mamas Going Back To Work

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At any point in time – going back to work as a mom can be a challenge. Whether you’re a brand-spanking-new mom going back to an old job once your maternity leave is up, or a stay-at-home-mom who has decided to rejoin the work force, it’s tough. Between school schedules and extracurricular activities, sick kiddos and school holidays, family dinners and field trips, it’s hard to find a job that gives you the flexibility you need to really get back into the workforce.

And that doesn’t even touch on how daunting it can be to rejoin the workforce! Are you looking to rejoin your old field? Do you have a degree to fall back on? Are you looking for entry-level work? Do you want to work out of the house or work from home?

It’s easy to feel nervous and overwhelmed at the thought of putting yourself out there again. Luckily there are plenty of opportunities that are perfect for moms just like you. To ease your stress and get you started, we’ve pulled together a list of five flexible job opportunities to look for — or to create for yourself.


1. Freelancer

You can freelance as pretty much anything, if you’re willing to put yourself out there and find or make opportunities for yourself. Popular freelancing fields include:

  • Writing and editing
  • Photography
  • Web design and development
  • Marketing and social media management
  • Bookkeeping and tax preparation

Brainstorm a list of your talents, qualifications, work experience and hobbies. Chances are you’ll unearth a few traits and interests that would lend themselves to freelance work. Check Craigslist, local job listings and reputable freelancing sites for opportunities.

The ability to work from home and set your own hours makes freelancing a perfect option for moms.

2. Nurse

Did you know there’s a nursing shortage? If you were a nurse before, now is a great time to consider going back or becoming an instructor. A big part of the nursing shortage is due to a lack of nursing instructors, so taking your skills and experience to the classroom is another valuable option.

For those with no prior nursing experience, this still may be a great option for you. You can get an associate’s degree in two to three years. Or, if you want to get your foot in the door while continuing your education, you can become a medical assistant in as little as a year. You can then pursue a nursing degree while gaining valuable experience.

Nurses tend to have long hours, but that is usually offset by only working three to four days a week, which leaves you free for the remaining three to four days.

Not sure you want to work at a hospital or private practice? Consider looking to hire yourself out for in-home nursing gigs.

3. School Jobs

Don’t have a teaching certification? Don’t worry — there are plenty of school jobs that will allow you to keep the same schedule as your kids without certification.

Degree, experience, on-the-job training, qualifying tests or other requirements will vary job to job, school to school and area to area. Check local public and private schools to see if there are openings for:

  • Teacher’s aides
  • Reading aides
  • ESL support
  • Speech therapy
  • Substitute teachers
  • Cafeteria workers
  • Bus drivers

Similarly, look into becoming a private tutor or online tutor for subjects you have experience or a high level of competence in. And don’t write off the flexibility offered by teaching private lessons in a talent of your choice — singing, playing an instrument, coding, playing a sport, etc.

4. Bank Teller

Despite ATMs, online banking and other technological advances, you may be surprised that bank teller made Forbes’ list of occupations with the most growth in 2015.

Job opportunities aren’t the only advantage being a teller has to offer. Consider:

  • Hours that work well with school schedules and family dinners
  • Bank holidays
  • Requirement of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • On-the-job training
  • Banking and financial ins and outs that are beneficial and relevant to your personal finances

Although some banks have added extended hours, many still follow traditional bank hours, making it a good fit for moms with school-age kids.

5. Translator

In an increasingly diverse, multicultural, global society, skilled translators are a must. Are you fluent in English and a second — or third — language? That’s all you need to nab a position in the rapidly growing field of interpretation and translation.

Doctor’s offices, courthouses and schools are just a few places you can start your search if you’re looking to translate in person or over the phone. If you’d rather work from home, look for opportunities to translate documents or websites. And don’t forget ASL! Sign language interpreters are always in demand.

Even if none of these jobs are the perfect fit for you, hopefully this list will still strengthen your resolve and give you hope. Finding a job is a stressful time for anyone, not just moms, so and remind yourself every day that the search may be hard but you’re worth it! There really are a ton of flexible positions available for the taking, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Go get em’, Mamas!

Jennifer Landis is a 27-year-old healthy living blogger who loves yoga, running, and dancing it out with her toddler! You can find more from Jennifer at her blog, Mindfulness Mama, or by following her on Twitter: @jenniferelandis.


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