5 Intuitive Ways to Stop Your Kids’ Whining

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No one enjoys a whining child, yet, as parents, we all have to listen to those excruciating whines almost daily.  I’m sure it’s something that we all struggle with and are trying to find the best way to make it stop.  You may have tried a few tactics that haven’t worked and in case you are on the brink of losing your mind after hearing your child whine all day, here are some great tips to help reduce and stop the whining in your household:


1. Acknowledge Your Child

It’s important to acknowledge your child as soon as you hear their moment of distress.  Most of the time when your child is upset, it doesn’t start out as whining.  It’s usually a question or plea that if unanswered or unacknowledged, will turn into whining.  It’ll only upset your child more and they’ll get  louder and louder until they get your attention.  Even if you’re in the middle of something, look your child in the eye and tell them that you will help them as soon as you are finished with what you’re doing.  This is a great way to nip the whining in the bud before it even begins.

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Mary Mulroney

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