6 Essential Tips For Moving With A Toddler

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This past year, our family purchased our first house. It was exciting, scary and daunting all at the same time. After 8 years of apartment living (7 of them in the same 1 bedroom apartment!) and 1 year of rental living in a condo, we took the plunge and finally handed over our hard earned cash. We were homeowners!  Not only was this move going to be our biggest yet, it was also going to be challenging with our toddler in tow. She wasn’t present (only in utero!) for our first move, and couldn’t walk for our second. Now however, she was going to be under our feet and into everything. Looking back, I learned a thing or two about moving with a toddler. While I hope I never do it again, there are tons of you out there who could use some advice! Check out this list of some essential tips to moving with your toddler.


1. Meal Plan

You’re going to be packing up dishes, pots and pans and it may be a few days before you actually move. Unless you plan on eating take-out for all your meals, stock up on foods and snacks for your toddler that are easy to eat and don’t require a lot of dishes to make, like food pouches, individually wrapped snacks and heatable meals. You may be able to survive on a handful of popcorn here and there, but your toddler may not!

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