7 Methods For A Family Safe Detox

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There are plenty of reasons that you may decide it’s time for a detox, either for yourself or the whole family. The great news is that you don’t have to starve yourself to do it, or stick to a lemon and cayenne pepper concoction for a week (eww!). Detoxing your body can be a process you accomplish in a day or a week, depending on whatever it is you want to purge from your system. As soon as you make your decision, check out our list of some safe methods to getting your body back in action and purged from toxins.


1. Water

The effects of water on our bodies is miraculous and has the power to flush our systems of toxins in as little as a day. But to do so, you should be drinking 2-3 liters of it per day. If you’ve done the math, that’s a LOT of water- a minimum of 67 ounces a day. Luckily, drinking flavored water and decaffeinated teas without sugar count towards your water intake! Water will not only cleanse your body but will also help keep dry skin at bay, an added bonus if you detox during the dry winter months. Add some lemon to your water to help balance your ph levels and promote healthy digestion.

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