10 Simple Ways To Surprise Your Hubby This Valentine’s Day

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Source: lifeliveshere.tumblr.com

4. Sticky Note Heart

A fun way to let your husband know how much you love him this Valentine’s Day is to write all the reasons why you love him on some sticky notes. Then, you can place them all over the house for him to find throughout the day, or you can place them all together in the shape of a giant heart somewhere for him to find. He’ll love reading through all the notes and discovering why you love him so much. It’s certainly a heartfelt surprise that will make his day.

(Life Lives Here on Tumblr is a fun website where a girl named Jen shares her photos that inspire her).

surprise your hubby on valentine's

5. Mail A Love Letter To His Work

Everyone loves getting mail, so why not send your husband a handwritten letter? Of course, you could send it to your home, but imagine how fun it would be to send it to his work for him to receive in the middle of the day. He’ll be completely surprised and it will certainly brighten his day. It will give him the opportunity to think of you and appreciate you while he’s at work.

surprise hubby on valentine's

6. Make His Favorite Dessert

We all know that the key to a man’s heart is food, and better yet, dessert! A sweet little Valentine’s gesture this holiday would be to make his favorite dessert for him. It’ll be a special treat that he might not get very often, and even if he does get treated to it often, he’ll still love it. It’s a labor of love that’ll certainly make his heart and tummy happy.

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