9 Adorable Smash Cake Photos That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

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What’s cuter than babies eating cake? Babies smashing it! And these cuties make the one year birthday baby rite of passage look soooooo much fun! Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, these photos are going to make you smile. And they might make you hungry too. #sorrynotsorrythesebabiesareworththehunger

source: Leonie Keech Photography

1. Tiny Tigress

I am tiny tigress, hear me roar! I’d be scared if I was that smash cake. Not really. This girl is going to grow up and be somebody someday. But today, it’s all about devouring that sugar covered goodness.

See more of this sweetness on the Leonie Keech Photography website.

source: Iowa Girl Eats

2. Silly Smash

Birthday boy Lincoln is too cute with his tongue sticking out. I feel like this is his way of saying, “Neener neener I’m not sharing!”  That’s ok little guy, we enjoy watching you enjoy it!

Get meal ideas, recipes and more at Iowa Girl Eats. (Even if you aren’t from Iowa.)

source: Lily & Leo

3. I’d Rather Be Playing

I’m guessing by the look of the rainbow (I looooove rainbows!) mush that Lily at least enjoyed some of her cake. Apparently she has better things to do than smash a bunch of frosting all over the place.

Find out what else Lily did to celebrate over at Lily & Leo.

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