9 Creative And Unique Ways To Use Wallpaper

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Source: jesslively.com

4. Wallpaper The Inside Of Drawers

A fun way to surprise not only yourself each time you open a drawer, but also your guests is to add some wallpaper on the inside of your drawer. It’s a fun way to liven up a piece of furniture that usually doesn’t have any kind of pattern or design to it. You can also go all out and have tons of fun with bold colors and patterns since it’s not something you see every minute of the day.

(Jess Lively is a great blog where you’ll find inspiration for your home and life that will keep you focused on the important things in life).


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5. Wallpaper The Sides Of Dresser Drawers

Another fun way to use wallpaper in your drawers is to put some wallpaper on the sides of the drawers. It looks really adorable from the side and would make anyone smile when they open the drawer and see it.

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Source: goodhousekeeping.com

6. Wallpaper The Walls In The Pantry

If you want to actually enjoy putting the groceries away, put some wallpaper on the walls in your pantry. Every time you open up your pantry and see the fun walls it’ll make you happy and excited to see it. I hate cooking and I think having my pantry walls like this would make cooking a little less miserable for me.

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