9 Creative And Unique Ways To Use Wallpaper

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7. Wallpaper The Bottom Of A Decorative Tray

A great way to add some pattern and color to a an accessory like a decorative tray is to put some wallpaper on the bottom of it. This is also a fun way to decorate according to the seasons. You can easily change this up according to what time of year it is, which will allow you to enjoy your decor without getting sick of it.

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8. Wallpaper The Inside Of Frames

Sometimes putting photos in frames can get a little boring and repetitive. Instead of putting photos in them, try putting some wallpaper in the frames. It’s a fun twist on a classic piece of decoration that will liven up your room. You can use small frames or giant frames. Either way it’ll create a nice impact and make your room look more finished.

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9. Wallpaper Wall Panels

If you have some wall panels in your home, instead of keeping them the same color as the rest of the wall, try putting some wallpaper in them. It’s a great way to add some color and pattern on your wall without committing to doing the whole wall. Plus, it looks awesome since it’s “framed” by the paneling. It looks really finished off and makes your home look like a magazine home.

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