9 Hot Manicures For This Summer

summer manicures

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When I have a private moment to myself, you can either find me watching HGTV or attempting to give myself a manicure. Pre-children, I would never have an unpolished nail and I found myself collecting nail polish in what I now consider an act of gluttony. Nowadays, I rarely have a smudge free mani because I never have time to wait for it to dry and more often that not, I just sport the popular “nude” look (i.e. no polish). BUT. That doesn’t mean I don’t dream of cute nails and this week it was all about that hot summer manicure. Here’s to hoping I can actually do some of these and they won’t just be a dream!


1. Watermelon Mani

I’m definitely no artist but this adorable watermelon accent nail is simple enough that I’m pretty sure I can pull it off. Nothing says Summer like some sweet watermelon!

2. LIfe’s A Beach

This mani is not for the faint of heart and you can actually take a sigh of relief because it wasn’t created by freehand. Would you believe it’s created by a stamp? Either way, it’s gorgeous and it screams SUMMER!

3. Tropical Paradise

I love how the simple use of the vibrant turquoise does most of the work in this summer mani. Add an glittery accent nail and a pretty hibiscus flower and you’ll be yearning for the tropics in no time.

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