9 No-Mess Activities For Toddlers

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If there are two words that usually go hand in hand, its “toddler” and “mess.” Working from home, I’m quite used to the constant toys and books littering the floor. It’s not until my daughter has gone to bed that I even attempt to clean up because anything earlier would just mean extra work. Then there’s the countless hours I spend stain treating clothes and vacuuming crumbs. Let’s just say kids are messy! That being said, I’m always a fan for activities that are virtually mess free, saving me precious cleaning time but also entertaining my toddler. If this sounds like you, then check out this list of no-mess activities that are perfect for your normally messy toddler! None of these activities will involve any paint on fingers, markers on your carpet or play dough stuck to your feet!


Source: Craftulate.com

1. Painting In A Bag

Painting is often a favorite for a toddler, but a messy and nerve-wracking activity for a parent trying to keep their furniture clean. Well, fear no more because painting in a bag is here to save the day. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Insert some paper or yardstick into a large ziplock bag, squirt in some paint and then tightly seal. You can tape it down to the table, high chair try or even floor, and let your toddler paint away! When they’re done, carefully remove the paper and let dry. You have a beautiful and mess-free piece of art!

Be sure to visit Craftulate.com for more tips on mess-free painting, as well as other great ideas for clean activities.


Source: AboutFamilyCrafts.com

2. Button Sorting

The best activities not only keep your toddler entertained, but are also educational. These homemade button sorting cups are just the ticket to keep both you and toddler happy. Simply cut holes in colorful tupperware-style containers and find coordinating buttons. Teach your child how to match their colors and drop the buttons in the appropriate containers. The bowls will also serve as storage for your activity!

Check out AboutFamilyCrafts.com for some more details on making this simple activity, along with other great ideas to keep your kids entertained.


Source: TheTrainDriversWife.com

3. Bath Tub Ball Pool

This is every kids delight, especially since so many fast food restaurants don’t have ball pits anymore (stupid germs!). You can purchase 100 balls pretty inexpensively on Amazon, and you have the makings for a great activity that your toddler will love and expend a lot of energy on. Dump your balls in the bathtub, along with a few other toys, and you’ve got a great and contained activity!

Head over to TheTrainDriversWife.com for this activity, along with tons more on sensory play for young children.

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