9 Ways To Prepare For A VBAC

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Currently I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first child was delivered via C-section and when it happened I was devastated. It was an emergency surgery from things that the doctors were seeing at one of my check ups during my 38th week. That means I never actually went into labor at all and never got to experience any of the normal birth process. Now that I am pregnant with my second, I have been really determined to have a VBAC. Call me crazy, but I really want to have the whole “birth experience.” Women’s bodies were made to give birth and I wanted to see for myself what it’s all about. As a result, I’ve researched and prepared as well as I can so that I can have a successful VBAC. Of course, we won’t know for a few more weeks if my preparation will actually work, but I’m hoping for the best! Here are 9 of the best tips I found to prepare for a successful VBAC.


1. Choose A Supportive Provider

One of the most important things to do when preparing for a VBAC is to choose a provider that is supportive of your decision. Many doctors will not do VBACS or will say that they will do them, but in the end they’ll push for another C-section if they see any kind of small red flags. Read reviews online for the doctors you’re considering, then interview them individually to make sure that they fully support your desire to do a VBAC. You can also search for the rates at which your doctor has performed successful VBACs.


2. Look Into Hiring A Doula Or Midwife

Until recently I had never even considered having a midwife as my provider instead of an OBGYN and I never thought about actually having a doula during the birth process. However, after doing much research, I am now wishing that I had a midwife instead of an OBGYN and I am actually currently looking into at least getting a doula for the birth. OBGYNs are trained on how to deliver the baby whether it’s vaginal or cesarian, not on how to cope with labor. The nurses are also not as trained as a certified doula or midwife in the process. Having someone there during your birth process to help you through the pain and the fear will really calm you down and allow your body to relax and do it’s thing instead of fighting it. They will also know if the nurses or doctors are telling you the truth about your labor or if they are simply trying to pressure you into a C-section because it would be “easier.”


3. Be As Healthy As Possible

When you are preparing for a VBAC you want to make sure that you’re as healthy as possible so you will be less likely to be considered high risk for anything. This means you need to eat fairly healthy as well as have regular exercise. This will keep your body healthy for the entire pregnancy and will also prepare your body for labor. Research has shown that regular exercise during pregnancy can actually make labor easier.

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