6 DIY Hair Bow Tutorials To Dress Up Your Little Girl

diy hair bow tutorials

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Like most things for women, accessories are expensive! If you’re expecting a little girl soon or just love dressing up your mini me in fun bows and headbands, this post is for you. You don’t need to shop Etsy anymore to add pizzazz to your daughter’s style- just keep reading to get some awesome DIY hair bow tutorials and make them yourself!

diy hair bow tutorials

Source: DamaskLove.com

1. Felt Hair Bows

High quality felt, scissors, hot glue and clips are all you need to start whipping up your own cute hair bows for your little. This traditional style is perfect for any occasion and is surprisingly easy with just a few snips of your felt and some strategic gluing.

Check out DamaskLove.com to get the entire tutorial and other fun craft ideas!

Source: LifeUnfluffed.com

2. Tuxedo Bows

Simple and classic, the tuxedo bow is perfect for those of us who are more on the minimal style. Make teeny tiny bows for your newborn or whip up a larger version for big girls. They look great above a ponytail or to hold back bangs.

Check out the easy tutorial at LifeUnfluffed.com.

diy hair bow tutorials

Source: DoodleAndStitch.com

3. Jo Jo Bow

If you have a 5 year old, chances are they know who Jo Jo Siwa is and can spot a Jo Jo bow a mile away. Known for their vibrant colors and HUGE size, being able to make your own will save you tons of money (a store-made Jo Jo bow can cost almost $10 for 1!). Remember, the bigger the bow, the closer to Jesus!

diy hair bow tutorials

Source: PoofyCheeks.com

4. Spiker Hair Bow

If you love tons of ribbon, then you’ll love this Spiker Hair Bow! Made with several layers of fun crossgrain ribbon, this hair topper looks great with a pony or bun!

Learn from the best at PoofyCheeks.com.

diy hair bow tutorials

Source: LifeIsPoppin.com

5. Fabric Double Bow

Kick your bow game up a notch and make a classy fabric bow. This DIY does involve a little sewing, but no machine needed! The result is an understated look that will have people guessing it’s store bought! P.s., how CUTE is that fabric?

Check out the full tutorial at LifeIsPoppin.com.

diy hair bow tutorials

Source: TinselAndWheat.com

6. Leather Hair Bow

Just when you thought hair bows couldn’t get any fancier, these ones are made with leather! While this particular tutorial uses a machine to cut perfect strips of leather, you can easily cut on your own. No matter how you piece these together, they’re going to look like a million bucks.

Head to TinselAndWheat.com to see all the details!



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6 DIY Hair Bow Tutorials To Dress Up Your Little Girl

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