Never Pick A Bad Watermelon Again With The Help Of This Video

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One of my very favorite fruits is watermelon. They are so incredibly juicy, sweet, and flavorful, unless, of course, you picked it out yourself in the grocery store. For some reason, when you get that watermelon home, cut it open and take a taste, you get unflavorful mush. This has happened to me on many occasions and honestly, I’m sick of spending money on fruit that’s either over ripe, or under ripe. With the help of this video, you and I can now pick out the perfect watermelon every time at the grocery store. No more guessing games and disappointments.

What did you think? How do you pick out really great watermelons? If you have other tips on how to pick out watermelons or any fruit, comment below and share with all of us!

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Mary Mulroney

Mary Mulroney

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